Open Innovation Defined

Ideation, Strategic Thinking, Complex Problem Solving

The heart of Innovation is THINKING. Deep Thinking and ReTHINKING. The Innovation process forges powerful new strategies through the process of idea generation. When does an idea become Innovation? When it creates new markets or transforms the way business is done. Business innovation begins with focused creativity and ideation for the purpose of increasing value.

John pioneered a model of facilitating teams which produces game-changing breakthroughs and solutions to form the basis for an Innovation Action Plan. He facilitates paradigm blasting creative ideation as well as providing the industry expertise to help your organization develop strategies and solutions which will enable organizational and marketplace breakthroughs. Your team will return to the workplace with the solutions they need together with a clear understanding of the resources and steps required to implement the plan.


Office BoxWhat is open innovation and how does it work? Open innovation occurs when individuals look for outside of their own organization, knowledge, experience and industry. Some years ago, an aircraft engineer attended an Indy car race and was intrigued by the vertical wings on the cars. He questioned the crew engineers and learned that they were added to increase fuel economy and stability. Hence, the upturned wings you see on commercial aircraft today.



Not InnovationWhat innovation is NOT….. it is not just a great idea. Businesses must make profits to survive. If an idea offers no market value or bottom-line improvement for operations, then it is simply an idea. It is not innovation. Professional facilitation keeps innovation on track



With experienced facilitation, Innovation can be successfully achieved within your organization. A breakthrough thinker, John Di Frances generates innovative solutions to complex problems and helps to identify new opportunities.

“Breakthrough Innovation occurs when we abandon established thinking patterns and reject all limitations.” – John Di Frances

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