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MINDING THE GIRAFFES – The People Side of Innovation

Minding the Giraffes Front CoverWhy ‘The People Side of Innovation?’ Because where innovation fails, its generally not due to an issue of proceedures or systems, but rather culture. Successful innovation, the the type of innovation that enables an organization to move forward producing one breakthrough innovation after another, is founded upon a culture that values innovation as a strategic advantage.

Such organizations, create and foster a ‘culture of innovation,’ as a core organiational belief and value. It’s not an ‘add-on’ program or fad, but rather systemic to the very heart of the organization.

Minding The Giraffes is a book written about natural innovators, who they are, how they view their world, how they do their ‘magic’ of innovating and importantly, how the organization’s executive leaders and senior managers can and need to support and encourage them. Everyone can be innovative, but just as in every other discipline, sales, finance, marketing, accounting… some people are born with a natural gift for innovation.

They see their world differently. Much differently than those around them. They can literally ‘see’ opportunities to innovate that others cannot. It’s simply their ‘gift.’ Equip, empower and support them with an organizational culture of innovation and not only will they amaze you at the innovative genius they will employ to create internal and marketplace breakthroughs, they will also inspire and motivate those around them who are not natural innovators to begin to ‘see’ strategic opportunities that were previously unrecognized.

Whether or not you are a Giraffe, MINDING THE GIRAFFES will provide you with a fuller understanding of open innovation and how you can turn your organization into a hotbed of creative ideation that will lead to a constant stream of innovative breakthroughs. To order this book from Amazon, click on the title link above or here. For quantity book purchases, contact us.

JACKBILTâ„¢ A COMPANY: Of Happy Successful People

JackBilt A CompanyJACKBILT A COMPANY is an allegorical tale John wrote to meet the needs of managers and Human Resource Departments, faced with integrating into the workforce employees who missed ‘Everything They Should Have Leaerned in Kindergarten.’ Unfortunately today, there are large number of people who are employed within our organizations who simply never learned the fundamentals of working getting along with others.

Basic values, courtesies and personal habits that employers and co-workers once viewed as the norm, no longer are. This results in a great deal of workplace friction, antagonism, unhappiness, irration and at times, aggressive behavior.

Rather than pointing a finger and singling out an individual for these behavioral issues, JACKBILT addresses them in a non-threatening manner and through the use of the fairy tale theme, allows the important underlying attitude issues to be raised and discussed in a positive manner. Companies as diverse as Boeing and healthcare providers have employed JACKBILT in departmental or company wide meetings.

The bottom center front cover can be customized with the company logo. Please contact us for more information.

Accountability                                                Generosity                                                  Resilience

Anger                                                              Give and Get Clear Directions                   Resourcefulness

Attitude                                                           Innovation                                                  Sincerity

Balancing Priorities                                         Integrity                                                      Suggestions

Challenge the Envelope                                 Life                                                             Take Care of Yourself

Competence                                                   Loyalty                                                        Telephone Basics

Communication                                              Mistakes                                                     Tenacity

Creativity                                                        Obtain Assistance                                      Think Large, Act Small

Crisis Management                                        Performance                                               Throw Your Lot in With Us

Cultivate a Good Sense of Humor                 Planning                                                      Trust

Develop a Cooperative Spirit                         Problem Solving                                          Use Tools Effectively

Espre De Corps                                              Relationships                                               Value


RECLAIMING THE ETHICAL HIGH GROUND: Developing Organizations of Character

Reclaiming-The-Ethical-High-GroundEthics in business, whether in a corporate, nonprofit or government environment, is an issue that executlive leaders either choose to embrace or ignore. Looking the other way at unscrupulous or even questionable business practices may result in a short term gain, but ultimately, organizations that operate ethically are bwtter off and are more likely to remain sustainable over the long run.

And there’s another important benefit – that of being able to sleep at nght without worrying about being found out! It is recorded in the gosphels that Jesus said: “What does it benefit a man, if he gained teh entire world, but lost his own soul.” One of wise King Solomon’s proverbs says, “A good reputation is to be valued above riches.”

John firmly believes that those leaders who seek to build their organization upon a solid ethical basis, are buillding for the future. RECLAIMING THE ETHICAL HIGH GROUND, compares organizations that are highly ethical with those that aren’t. The comparison is stark.

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Electronic Bids & Proposals: Federal Government Contracting

John also co-authored Electronic Bids & Proposals: Federal Government Contracting with Dennis Riley. United States Federal Government Contracting – Use of electronic bids (IFB) and proposals (RFP) in defense and civilian contract awards under U.S. law and the federal Procurement Regulations (FAR and DFAR). This 1996 book by Federal Publications is out of print.

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