Accelerated Innovation

Speed is Swift and Effective Action for Positive Impact

Accelerated Innovation Yields Increased ROI

The SIC experience is like no other.  Not a conference, not a seminar, not a meandering consulting exercise, but rather a dynamically interactive program designed for achieving powerful new strategies and breakthrough solutions for the purpose of increasing value. It is Business Innovation which will reposition your company for repeated breakthroughs and sustained profitable growth.

Accelerated Innovation is a fast paced and intensely collaborative process through which problems and potentialities are viewed from multiple perspectives.  It is a forum where creative ideas are volleyed back and forth and challenged.  It is designed to result in the identification of the optimal solutions uniquely designed for your organization.  These solutions must be practical, affordable and capable of implementation.

SPEED is not hurry.  Speed is swift and effective action for positive impact. At SIC, we practice Speed, but never hurry. With skillful guidance, ideation and innovation can be successfully accelerated, but it is not instantaneous. Your team will identify and evaluate all available opportunities, select the best, optimize them and then establish an Innovation Action Plan.


Dialogue InquiryOur programs enable executive and operating management teams to collaborate effectively. Pooling collective knowledge, engaging in dialogue and inquiry, abandoning established patterns of thinking, employing humor and at times sparring viewpoints all combine to create the ideation dynamic for successful innovations and solutions.

Working together with SIC will open their eyes to the world of opportunity beyond the office bubble, generating innovations destined to change the future of your organization. It will also infuse team participants with new excitement and a fresh perspective of the crucial role of organizational culture.


Sustainable Profit GrowthWhat is your ROI? Along with newly acquired collaboration, strategic thinking and problem solving skills, your team will engage in the creation of an implementable plan for specific business innovations. They will understand what needs to change, how to do it and most importantly, how that change will benefit your business.

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