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Our goal is singular — to help our clients create a sustainable stream of breakthrough business innovations by creating an organizational culture where your people’s creativity and innovative thinking will flourish and by introducing them to the principles and practice of open innovation.

We teach your team(s) to focus on the real issues.  The strategic issues which will move the organization forward exponentially versus through incremental advances  They are challenged to think and rethink their suppositions generating truly innovative solutions.  As necessary, our industry experts contribute specialized knowledge and experience to the process.

“Ideation is central to the innovation process,” states John Di Frances, “When does an idea become innovation? When it creates new markets or transforms the way business is done. We must find creative ways to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. Great ideas with new and imaginative applications can be borrowed from other industries. This is known as open innovation.  Our actions are limited primarily by our perceptions of reality. We create an open environment where ideas flow and teams are free to function synergistically.”

SIC’s innovation programs enabls senior executive and management teams to collaborate effectively. Pooling collective knowledge, engaging in dialogue and inquiry, abandoning established patterns of thinking, employing humor and at times sparring viewpoints combine to create the ideation dynamic for successful innovation.

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